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  1. This was an interesting article on Grossman Hammock. My father was Mark Grossman. Glad to see that it is still being available.
    Helen Grossman Myers

    • After I wrote the article, I found out that Grossman Hammock is no longer open to the public. The Park apparently cannot justify stationing a ranger there.

      • My husband and I were the people, along with one other couple,who were volunteers at Chekika from 2010 – 2013 when Chekika was closed. There were no rangers, just us volunteers. We had a Law Enforcement Ranger as a supervisor but we were the caretakers. There was a government shutdown at the time and ENP was closed for that reason. When the shutdown was lifted and ENP was reopened the Chekika area in East Everglades was not re-opened. Both volunteer couples would have gone back to Chekika to continue to be caretakers if the park had reopened it. The park claimed there was no money for it but I disagree. The money spent on Chekika was negligible. The volunteers did all the work. The park paid for the hook ups for the volunteer’s trailers which included electricity, water and sewage removal,and gas for the mowers. Also, a water specialist from the main entrance came to Chekika almost daily to check water quality. I believe that since Chekika was 45 minutes from the main park, maintenance did not want to continue to support Chekika, thus the closure. Of course, this is only my opinion. Everglades Association is trying to reopen the area and I hope they succeed.

    • Hi Helen,

      I would love to speak with you. I work for the Florida National Parks Association in Homestead, FL. We are a cooperating association/partner with the Everglades National Park. My organization has been given permission to do work inside of Chekika/Grossman Hammock. I am trying to capture it’s history and it would be wonderful to speak with a family member. Please feel free to call our office, 305.247.1216 and ask for Jessie.

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