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  1. Jeff, a couple of questions regarding this interesting old map:
    1. Please provide the Miami-Dade street and avenue numbers for major thoroughfares so we can relate them to today’s streets. Also, if the streets had Road or Drive names that would also be of interest.
    2. The old town of Cutler sounds like a very interesting place that appeared on this map to have streets. Do any facets, buildings, artifacts, streets, of this old Cutler still exist? It looks like it is very close to the Deering Estate. Is the old town of Cutler contained within this Estate?

    3. Are you aware of a conversion guide that lists the Miami-Dade street numbering system and converts it to the old Dade County Road and Drive names? If so, can you post this on the Town Hall website?

  2. Thanks, Jeff. I have often wondered where the name Goulds came from, besides Goulds by the sea. Love the history of my home town area.

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