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  1. My Grandfather, Rosco Graves, was a doctor in Saco, Maine and lived on the same street as the Stilings and probably delivered Octavia. My aunt Helen Hackler, who lived in Miami, was friends with the Stilings and Octavia. Used to visit her often. Octavia’s daughter used to babysit me as the story goes. Around 1936, is my guess. My Dad John Graves and I would visit Octavia in Florida City when Helen came from Miami.

    Warren Graves

    • Edward’s sister, Octavia Rosaleen Stiling Hall was my grandmother. Edward named his daughter after his sister, Octavia. The elder Octavia named her son, my father, Edward Stiling Hall, after her brother, Edward. They lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their family home, at 1036 Oakland, still stands.

  2. My wife, daughter and I just purchased the Stiling’s home in Detroit. It’s in pretty bad shape, but we’re beginning a full restoration.

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