1923 Automobile Owners in Homestead
On October 12, 1923, the Homestead Enterprise, as part of an advertisement for automobile-related businesses in the Homestead area, published a list of over 800 vehicles, along with the owners’ names and their town of residence. The towns are: Perrine, Goulds, Princeton, Silver Palm, Redland, Naranja, Modello, Homestead and Florida City. There are many interesting bits of information that can be gleaned from the list.

Bob Bow, Ed McMichael and Jeff Blakley created an Excel spreadsheet for the data. By default, it is sorted in alphabetical order of the owner’s last name or the name of the business. However, if you sort it by the first name of the owner, you will be surprised by how many married and unmarried women owned cars in this area in 1923.

While the list has been reviewed and corrected, there are doubtless items that have been missed. If you see anything that needs to be revised, or if you have any information to add to the Notes column about the individuals listed in the spreadsheet, please send an e-mail to the Town Hall Museum and attempts will be be made to make timely corrections.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


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