Ann Josberger McFadden labored in the genealogy section of the downtown Miami-Dade Public Library for many years. She graciously transferred the copyright of her obituary and cemetery indices to the Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum. The obituary index is two volumes and covers the obituaries published in the Homestead newspapers from March 15, 1912 up to the end of 1999. No doubt, some deaths were over-looked, but these massive compilations cover 98% of the deaths that were mentioned in the Homestead papers. Not all deaths occurred in this area – some occurred elsewhere. The state abbreviation given in the last column usually signifies where the person came from and where the remains may be interred. Not always, though. For those people who passed away before the end of 1978, the museum may have the issue of the newspaper that the obituary appeared in.

These are large files, so be patient while they download.

Book 1 – A-K
Book 2 – L-Z

For McFadden’s cemetery index, please click here: Cemetery Index


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