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Fuchs, Richard W.
Richard W. Fuchs Papers
These are the professional papers of Richard W. Fuchs. The majority of his papers, Series 1, relate to his career as a real estate broker. These include blueprints, blueline drawings, and other plats and maps. Additional real estate documents include correspondence, closing statements, lists, notes, receipts, and invoices. Series 2 contains a book about Naval correspondence courses from his Naval career and buttons and stars from his uniform.

Hanson, Gertrude Goff
Gertrude Goff Hanson Papers
Gertrude Goff Hanson was the daughter of Charles Aaron Goff, Sr. and Charlotte Dolan. She was born at home in 1913 in a house on the East Glade, east of Goulds. Her mother had come down in 1910 with a large tent to feed the agricultural workers in the area. Gertrude was an obituary collector and the Museum is fortunate to be the repository for her collection as the obituaries she collected were primarily of people who lived in the Goulds and Princeton areas. Also most interesting is the fact that there are a number of obituaries of Black people in her collection. If you are interested in a particular obituary, please contact us.

Ingram, Charles Francis
Ingram Family Papers
Charles Francis Ingram was born in Tennessee in 1854 and came to Central Florida in the 1880s. The Great Freeze of 1895-96 destroyed his citrus groves and he, like many others, moved south to Miami. It is unknown when he came to South Dade, but by 1905, he had claimed a homestead south of Coconut Palm Dr. and east of Newton Rd. There, he started a nursery and some his descendants are still in the nursery business to this day.

Krome, Isabelle Burns
Isabelle Burns Krome Papers
Isabelle Burns Krome kept a large number of boxes and files in which she organized newspaper clippings and other materials relating to subjects in which she had an interest. She referred to these as her “clippings files.” A number of the earliest documents in her collection, including railroad related materials, were undoubtedly written or collected by her husband, William J. Krome, who became the chief engineer of Flagler’s Key West Extension in 1909. He died in 1929. Many of her documents pertain to horticulture and botany. Of interest are her papers related to avocado tests which the Kromes conducted in their groves. Other subjects include obituaries she collected of former residents of Homestead and Miami, Florida, information about places in Florida, animals, shells, the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes, history, the weather, and politics.

Link Family
Link Family Papers
This collection documents the activities of the Link/Linke family and their relatives including the Fuchs and Redd families. Most materials and activities relate to South Florida and include business, recreational, school, and family activities. The papers include photographs and other materials related to the Elks Club including minstrel shows and other musical presentations.

Wakefield, George N.
George N. Wakefield Papers
George Norton Wakefield (February 18, 1899-January 20, 1984) was born at Carrabelle, Florida, to Francis Bryan Wakefield (1863-1935) and Ethel Kilbourn Wakefield (1872-1956). In 1930, he became the vocational agriculture teacher at Homestead, Florida, teaching at both Homestead and Redland high schools. In July of 1931, he began working full-time with junior and senior high students in Homestead. Wakefield won the rated master teacher, or the Best Agriculture Instructor in Florida, in 1935-1936 at the vocational agriculture teachers convention in Daytona Beach (Leader-Enterprise, August 21, 1936). He went on to compete as Florida’s candidate for Master Teacher of the South in 1937. The notebooks in this collection were compiled by Wakefield as his application for this award.

Organized Fishermen of Florida, Inc. Records and Herbert Z. Marvin papers

The Herbert Z. Marvin collection on the Organized Fishermen of Florida, Inc. (1936-1997), includes correspondence, memorandums, business cards, receipts, clippings, legal documents, and photographs. The bulk of Marvin’s documents relate to a dispute, to which he was a party, with the federal government over commercial fishing rights in Everglades National Park. Other papers pertain to his commercial fishing business. Also among his personal papers are articles and photographs given to him by Alexander Dragovich, a fishery research biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Miami. Dragovich studied fisheries in Florida, Guyana, and other regions of South America.

Newspaper Collections

Archer Newspaper Collection

The Key Largo Breeze was a boom-time newspaper published from March, 1925 – July 1928. It was owned by Ben Archer, who also owned The Homestead Leader. The paper is a rich source of information about real estate speculation in Key Largo but it also has other information of interest to both historians of the Upper Keys and of Homestead.

The Courier Newspaper Collection

Founded in 1994, The Courier, a weekly newspaper, served South Dade County. In 1997, the nameplate is simply titled The Courier. On March 19, 1999, the newspaper nameplate changes to Courier: Cutler Ridge, Perrine & Palmetto Bay. The collection covers the period from 1997 March 14 to 1999 July 6; however, there are a number of missing issues.

The Redland Country News Newspaper Collection

Founded in July 2000, The Redland Country News was a bimonthly newspaper that was issued six times per year and served the Redland area of South Dade County. The newspaper was established by Pat Wade and her husband John as a forum to argue for the establishment of Redland as a municipality. The incorporation effort was not successful.


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