Polk’s 1927 Directory

Homestead was booming in 1926, along with all of South Florida. Polk’s published its first directory for the Homestead area due to the demand for such a guide. Because of the real estate crash, beginning in 1927, there would not be another directory published until 1955. This directory is invaluable for those studying the early history of this area as it covers the area from Goulds south to Florida City and west into the Redlands.

The 1927 and 1955 copies of the directories have been run through an optical character recognition (OCR) program so they are keyword searchable. If you are looking for a particular name, simply enter that name by clicking on Edit and then Find in Adobe Acrobat.

Polk’s 1927 Directory.

To download an index in MSWord to the 1927 directory, click here.

1938 Redland District News Directory

Jim English, the owner of the Redland District News, published a directory in 1938 that covered the area from Benson, near S.W. 136th St., down to Tavernier in the Florida Keys. It is a useful source of information about this area.

1938 Redland District News Directory

Polk’s 1955 Directory

The 1955 directory was the first Polk’s directory for South Dade to be published since 1927.

1955 Polk’s Directory of Homestead


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